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5 Free Exciting Ideas You Can Use in Promoting Your YouTube Channel

YouTube reigns as one of the biggest social media online platforms for sharing videos like TikTok. More than 2.2 billion users make it the second most visited online platform. Thus, if you are interested in using YouTube for various business purposes, you need to understand how to promote your channel. There are several optimized ways to expand your channel on YouTube freely. These effective methods include;

1. Prioritize Use of SEO It's easy to grow your YouTube channel once you understand the needs of your users. It will help you to optimize your YouTube videos with SEO easily. Most people nowadays use Google to look for videos; hence you need to use Google-friendly keywords. Tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner and SERP can help you choose and analyze your keywords.

2. Use Descriptive and Concise Titles for Your Videos Viewers on YouTube first check on the title of a video when searching for content. Therefore, you need to use attention-grabbing titles for your video titles to attract users. Avoid using clickbait titles but rather use concise keywords and trending hashtags on your title that relate to your business.

3. Customize Video Thumbnails Human beings have a brain that easily notices visuals. Thumbnails on all videos get automatically generated on YouTube. However, some are not eye-catching; hence you need to custom-create your thumbnails. Use high-quality, clear, original, and simple texts and visuals to create them aesthetically.

4. Give-and Take With Your Audience Most YouTubers have succeeded on the platform because they constantly engage and interact with their viewers. To successfully engage with your audience means that you need to respond to their comment, tell them to subscribe, like their comments, run contests, give shootouts and organize a "Q&A" session.

5. Collaborate With Influencers You need to partner with other content creators working in a similar niche to you to grow your channel. They will help you expand your reach, engage with different communities, and develop various new content ideas. However, it would help if you remained authentic with your brand.

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